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Permoglaze Xtreme White is white pushed to its extreme. This beautiful pure white paint is a high quality, low odour and environmentally friendly water-based product. High covering power, spreading rate and washability.Add to Cart


The Permofix cementitious tile adhesive is easy to spread and very smooth and contains special polymers which give remarkable performance in terms of adhesion as well as water and impact resistance. It is ideal for application on interior and exterior walls and floors. Permofix can be used for laying mosaic, ceramic, stone brick and cement tiles and also as a powerful primer for plastering of walls and ceilings.

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Permoglaze Soft Feel

Permoglaze Soft Feel is an acrylic paint with a velvet-sheen finish that adds personality to your concrete walls. It is particularly suitable for use in semi-humid and humid regions. Add to Cart

Permoglaze Vip Satin Interior

Permoglaze VIP Satin Interior is an acrylic emulsion which satin finish makes it particularly suited for interior decoration. This highly washable system is designed for application on concrete surfaces and will give a very chic and refined touch to Add to Cart


Permotop is a premium quality water-based acrylic medium for concrete surfaces. This highly weather resistant coating is recommended for application in semi-humid, humid and coastal regions. Permotop is also a highly washable Add to Cart

Permoglaze Eggshell Finish

Permoglaze Eggshell Finish provides a smooth even surface which is washable and suitable for use on wood and metal. Permoglaze Eggshell Finish has a mid sheen finish formulated for interior use only. DILUTION : Permoglaze Test Benzine.Add to Cart

Permoglaze Anti-Fungus

Permoglaze Anti-Fungus is the ideal coating for concrete surfaces in very humid regions. This water-based paint contains anti-fungal properties that inhibit mould and algae growth. Add to Cart

Permoglaze Multi-Task

Permoglaze Multi-Task is an ideal ‘all-purpose’ paint. This water-based acrylic system offers excellent adhesion to multiple surfaces: metal, sheet metal, concrete, wood, plaster, PVC. This ‘all-in-one’ paint is recommended for both interior and exteAdd to Cart

Permoglaze Gloss Finish

Permoglaze Gloss Finish is a premium quality product ideally formulated for use on wood and metal for both interior and exterior. It also provides a high gloss with a durable finish. DILUTION : Permoglaze Test Benzine.Add to Cart

Permoglaze Flexible Acrylic

Permoglaze Flexible Acrylic is a pure acrylic resin-based elastic coating for concrete surfaces – specially for roofs and exterior vertical walls. This water-based paint is very well suited for humid regions.Add to Cart

Permoglaze Aqua Gloss

Permoglaze Aqua Gloss is an innovative and eco-friendly water-based gloss that dries to a super shiny and extremely hard-wearing finish. It is ideal for both interior and exterior wood, concrete, metal and galvanised metal surfaces.Add to Cart

Permoglaze Aquashield

Permoglaze Aquashield is a pure acrylic paint system. Its water repellent properties help significantly reduce water infiltration. Permoglaze Aquashield is particularly suitable for very humid regions, providing high resistance to mould, algae and toAdd to Cart
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Sofap produces and distributes Permoglaze paints, under the license of Crown Paints UK. Within the Permoglaze range, there are decorative and protective paints, for both interiors and exteriors, wood varnishes, automotive paints, floor paints, surface preparations as well as speciality products, in a variety of colours and finishes.
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Atlas provides you with a range of paint brushes, rollers and tools for the preparation and finishing of surfaces.
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Reliability, know-how, innovation, added value and safety are attributes of the Colortek brand, for creative walls & floor coatings.
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One of the fastest growing producers of car paints and accessories for the refinish industry, available in more than 70 countries across the globe.
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The Tribe range of textured coatings have been created to bring a new dimension to interior decoration. Distributed by Sofap, each of the products in the textured range have been inspired by the essence of Africa. These water-based, low VOC products offer intrigue, diversity and interest to surfaces.
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Rust-Oleum is a “Do it yourself” aerosol range, easy to apply on various surfaces; cement, plastic, wood, plaster, metal, fabric and other. Whilst serving different functions; such as protection against weather conditions and rust.
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